15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (2023)

CG animated movies are a thing now and Pixar has brought us some of the best movies in recent history. Most of Pixar's movies are aimed at younger audiences, and adults looking for some computer-animated fun may need to look elsewhere for a laugh. Lucky for you, DreamWorks Animations'shrekit's a fun series.

Ab 2001,shrektells the story of a heroic, horrific, and short-tempered Vault named Shrek. He's just a giant green ogre who loves to be in his swamp. In his journey through 4 movies; With another film slated for a 2019 or 2020 release, Shrek will be joined by a likable cast of characters including Donkey, Puss and his lover Princess Fiona.

The series aims to cater to a more mature audience when it comes to Pixar movies. But let's be honest, we still loved watching movies as kids. Because we were young and innocent, some pranks may have gone unnoticed. Here are 15 dirty jokes fromshrekyou may have lost


quinceGingerbread man torture

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (1)

One of the most prominent secondary characters.shrekCinema is the gingerbread man. This is important because there are so many other characters to compete with, and what makes the Gingerbread Man so memorable is that he is such a fun character.

Literally brought to life, this loaf of bread gets into all kinds of trouble. In the first movie, Lord Farquaad trapped the gingerbread man and tortured him by dunking him in a glass of milk. That's a pretty funny scene, but the truth behind it is pretty dark.

In the year 2000, one of the controversies that plagued the United States government was thisUsing the simulated submarine as a form of torture during interrogation🇧🇷 Lord Farquaad's method uses milk. So shall we call it milk delivery?

14Donkey's special tail

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (2)

The best love team ever.shrekThe movies are not the relationship between Shrek and Fiona. Ask any fan and they'll probably pick team Dragon and Donkey as the best love team on the show. Already in the first movie their romance took a strange turn and in more recent movies they even have children.

When the two first met, it was obvious that Donkey wasn't too interested in having a literal dragon as a partner in life. Dragon had other intentions, but to her, Donkey was the one he wanted for the rest of her life.

Of course, when trying Donkey, Dragon, the first thing to do was to see “the products”. During the investigation, Dragon may have gone too far, as Donkey says,"That's my ass you guys are going to rip it off!"

13Lord Farquaad's name

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (3)

The leader and biggest villain in all of Duloc is Lord Farquaad. It's easy to hate this annoying character, and we wouldn't blame viewers for wanting to see him fail miserably. What kind of monster is tormenting the gingerbread man and banishing all other fairy tale creatures?

The main characteristic of Lord Farquaad is that he is a complete jerk. After all, he is the villain. His name already reveals a lot about his personality and the joke may have escaped us the first time we heard it. Say Farquaad multiple times. After that, he pulls out the R and repeats several times. Sounds familiar?

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Without the R, your name sounds a lot like F***wad.A fitting name for such an evil man. We were young and less energetic then, so maybe removing the R from the name wasn't so obvious.

12The Duloc Singles

from... toshrekcontains many fairy tale characters in its history, you can bet that it contains some of the most famous fairy tale princesses ever. In the story, most of the princesses are single and you can bet that Lord Farquaad is trying to get his hands on them.

In the first movie, Lord Farquaad talks to the magic mirror about who is the most beautiful princess of Duloc. Contestants include Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Fiona, and Snow White.

The Zauberspiegel jokes about Snow White that Snow White is "a girl who wears a cloak from Fantasy Land,Although she lives with seven other men, she doesn't have it easy🇧🇷 This should have been an easy joke to spot, but unfortunately the innocence of youth prevented us from spotting it.

11Lord Farquaad's castle makes up for it.

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (5)

FirstshrekMovie, our friendship between the ogre and the favorite donkey takes them to the house of many fairy tale characters, Duloc. After being banished from Duloc, the characters began raiding Shrek's swamp. At the root of the problem is the small but terrible Lord Farquaad.

Lord Farquaad is a rich man and of course the richest in Duloc. Viewed from his mighty castle, the knight is not afraid to spend his money. When Shrek and Donkey first saw the castle, the duo initially thought the castle was big. Shrek then says, "Do you think I could make amends?"

Of course, this was a joke based on the jokes guys and girls make when they see someone else have a huge car in real life. A bigger car means smaller privates, is the logic. What makes the joke even funnier is that Lord Farquaad turns out to be literally small.

10Welcome to Duloc

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (6)

One of the best scenes from the beginning.shrekThe movie is when Donkey and Shrek first set foot on Duloc. The area was huge and some fairy tale characters could be seen in the background. It was more or less what we imagine when we think of fairytale cities. The only difference is the act of greeting that visitors to Duloc see for the first time.

Upon entering the city, Shrek and Donkey are greeted by dolls that have begun to sing and dance. His lyrics were:"Please get off the grass, shine your shoes, wipe your face"🇧🇷 Before saying man, the dolls bowed down and showed their butts.

What rhymes with grass and is it another word for buttocks? We didn't know it then, but we know it now. It would have been fun to hear that line the first time around, but sadly it was a good joke we passed on.


9What does Robin Hood want to achieve?

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (7)

Princess Fiona is a magnet for trouble and needs rescuing from time to time. With the series filled with heroes from fairy tales and folk tales of yesteryear. One of the most popular characters from the first film is Robin Hood and his gang, the Merry Men.

After helping Princess Fiona, Robin Hood and his friends began to sing and dance. It started out as an innocent wooing of Princess Fiona, but it ended on a rather sordid note. The song begins with the song of Robin Hood,"I like an honest fight and a mischievous maid."His chant Merry Men followed,"Basically what he's saying is that he likes…"but before he can finish, Robin Hood interferes and yells "Paid!" It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Merry Men meant sex.

8when shrek was a man

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (8)

For most of the series, Shrek moves like the green ogre we know. In itshrek 2, we see what Shrek would look like as a man and to be honest he would be a great human being. He was so good that some ladies who saw him immediately fell in love.

Three women saw Shrek the first day he became a human. As he got shorter, his clothes got too big and his pants fell down. The three ladies were excited about the human Shrek seeing him naked.

Shrek was in shock at first, so the girls decided to calm him down by rubbing his shoulders. He said the only woman leftshe "had nothing else to rub" as the other two had already tended to Shrek's shoulders🇧🇷 We all know what he wanted to rub.

7Lord Farquaad's Alone Time

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (9)

Lord Farquaad loves his princesses. Of all the Duloc girls, Princess Fiona is his favorite. When Princess Fiona was still trapped in her castle; and though the ogre side of her was still unknown, Lord Farquaad had to resort to other means to satisfy his... lust of his for the ogre princess.

Every time Lord Farquaad wanted to see one of his 'futures', he simply asked his trusty magic mirror to look at it. In one particular scene, when the little ruler is alone in his room, he asks his magic mirror to project an image of Princess Fiona. From the look on the magic mirror's face, it was obvious that Lord Farquaad was about to do something with the photo of Princess Fiona and her time alone with her. It's one of the most obvious dirty jokes in the entire series and we weren't sure how we missed it.


6OJ Simpson and COPS Reference

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (10)

shrek 2it's one of the best entries in the series for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that we got to see Shrek in human form and Donkey as an amazing stud in this scene. In a certain part of the movie, Shrek, Donkey and Puss were being chased by horsemen. The sequel was an obvious call to action for a couple of things.

For starters, we get to see Shrek being chased by horsemen. He literally drove a white Bronco and this is a subtle reference to the OJ Simpson chase. The show itself was presented asCOPSbut in this case it was called GENTLEMEN. The show came complete with a shaky camera POV, so there's no doubt that the writers popularized the show.

5High in frankincense and myrrh

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (11)

Over the course of the 4 movies, DreamWorks Animations got a little excited about the subtle adult jokes they added to the movies, and the topics of these jokes range from sex to drugs. In itshrek the third, in particular, shows a scene of people getting high in Shrek's world.

In one scene, Shrek and his companions find a carriage that appears to be smoking from the inside. A few moments later, one of the passengers comes out looking very happy and relaxed. He speaks with an all-too-familiar accent, complete with "brother" as he tells his friend not to burn all the frankincense and myrrh. And in the second movie, Puss was caught with catnip during the KNIGHTS chase scene.

4Pinocchio's unconventional twist

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (12)

Of the many supporting characters; Most of these are based on fairy tales, one of the most popular being Pinocchio. We all know who Pinocchio is. A wooden doll that comes to life thanks to the wishes of an old man who wants a real son. The special feature of Pinocchio is that his nose grows when he lies.

noshrek 2Pinocchio gets a chance to be a hero. However, his nose must first grow before they can all escape and live. Initially,Pinocchio says he wears women's underwear, but his nose remains the same🇧🇷 It means that everything he said was true. In a last ditch effort to grow his nose, Pinocchio says that he is NOT wearing panties and only then does his nose grow a few inches. We prefer NOT to know why Pinocchio's nose grew when he said that.

3Donkey and cat trippy experience

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (13)

Starting with the first movie, we could already see the Donkey and Shrek bromance. Whenshrek 2was released, the couple was joined by another friend, Gato. The trio go on all kinds of adventures together and have made their bond pretty clear over the years.

noshrek the third, the donkey and the cat embark on a new kind of adventure. After an accident, the two swapped bodies. It was obviously a very strange experience for both parties, but Donkey has had other difficult experiences.

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While in Gato's body, Donkey comments on this."I haven't traveled like this since college."This is a subtle joke that refers to the fun times adult viewers had during college. The kids didn't know about these fun psychedelic moments, so the joke crossed their minds.

2Go down the waffle hole

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (14)

shrek foreverIt had one of the funniest stories in the series. In the fourth movie, Shrek wished he had never existed. Once awarded, no one in the world knew who he was. This includes his wife Fiona, his best friends Puss and Donkey and more.

In the alternate world where Shrek does not exist, Fiona becomes the leader of an ogre resistance. Shrek and Fiona's date was not going very well. Donkey fell into a waffle trap set up by the resistance and was apparently caught by the ogre resistance.

When Shrek tried to plead with the resistance to release Donkey, he was met by resistance leader Fiona. In one of the many sexual innuendos in the movie, Shrek says"My butt fell in your waffle hole!"The look on Fiona's face shows that even she finds the term dirty.

1like a donkey

15 dirty jokes you missed in Shrek (15)

A fan favorite of the series is definitely Donkey. The character voiced byEddie MurphyIt's been a source of fun and laughter countless times and people just can't get enough of this crazy four-legged friend. His manner is often the source of unintentional ridicule for you.

noshrek 2, donkey begins to drink a potion. He then asks the cat if he looks any different. Gato responded by saying that "you still look like a jerk to me." Technically, Donkey is a jerk, so he can't complain when others call him that, and there are a couple of times he's been mocked for it. We may not have gotten the joke as kids, but growing up we knew why being called a jerk isn't always a good thing.


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What does duloc stand for in Shrek? ›

Duloc is a Lordship ruled by a Lord or Lady, who can directly be crowned King or Queen if they were to marry a Prince or Princess.

What is Farquaad's name Shrek? ›

Lord Maximus Farquaad is the main antagonist of the 2001 animated feature film Shrek, as well as Shrek 4-D and the musical. He is voiced by John Lithgow.

Why is he called Farquaad? ›

Lord Farquaad is thought to be a caricature of Michael Eisner, then-CEO of the Walt Disney Company and a subject of DreamWorks' then-CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg's (and the film's) ire. Farquaad's name is also believed to be a corruption of the slang "fuckwad".

Was Shrek supposed to be for adults? ›

Shrek and its sequels were a modern take on wholesome fairytales. However, the movies contained numerous adult-oriented jokes that were meant to fly over kids' heads. This aspect is arguably what makes the series stand out from other animated films.

What is Shrek's full name? ›

Trivia. His full name is Sir Shrek. He bathes in mud in his swamp.

Is Lord Farquaad a half dwarf? ›

Lord Farquaad, the only known half-dwarf. A Half-dwarf (also known as a halfling) is the offspring of a human and a dwarf. Lord Farquaad is the only known half-dwarf, being born to a human mother (Pea) and a dwarf father (Grumpy).

How old is Shrek's? ›

While we know from the first song's lyrics that Shrek is actually seven, we're never explicitly told Fiona's age. At least not directly. But if we dig into the musical's script, we get a brief character note that tells us that young Fiona is also seven.

How old is Artie in Shrek? ›

The trio journey to Worcestershire Academy, an elite magical boarding school, where they discover Artie is a scrawny, 16-year-old underachiever. At the school pep rally, Shrek tells Artie he has been chosen to be king of Far Far Away.

How tall is Shrek? ›

According to Adam Adamson, who directed the first two movies in the franchise, Shrek's height sits somewhere between 7 and 8 feet tall.

Who did Farquaad love? ›

Despite initially rejecting Fiona after seeing her in ogress form, Farquaad wanted her to become his ghostly queen in the underworld. This implies he still possess some feelings for her. In the intro when he was torturing Gingy, the pigs, and Pinocchio, he called her "his" Fiona affectionately.

How old is Princess Fiona? ›

According to Shrek the Musical, Fiona was seven years old when she was locked in the tower and around the age of 30 when Shrek rescued her.

What is the first line of Shrek? ›

The book opens and a voice begins reading its text: SHREK: Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort which could only be broken by love's first kiss.

How much older is Shrek than Fiona? ›

did you know that Shrek is 108 years old in the first Shrek movie, making an 86 year age gap between him and Fiona, who's supposed to be 22?

Is Shrek 2 inappropriate? ›

Parents need to know that Shrek 2 has some crude potty humor and some moments of mild peril and tension. The king hires a hit man to get rid of Shrek -- luckily it's a small cat. Shrek and friends steal potions from the scheming fairy godmother. The only casualties are an enchanted character and a couple of fish.

What is Shrek slang for? ›

Noun. Shrek (plural Shreks) (slang, derogatory) An extremely ugly person.

Why is Shrek green? ›

Why is Shrek green but Mike Myers is white? Because Shrek is an ogre and is fictional. Mike Myers is white because he's a real person and happens to be white. This would be the same as asking why Smurfs are blue but the voice actors aren't.

What is donkey's last name in Shrek? ›

The Donkey in Shrek was just called “Donkey" and seemed to have no specific name.

Is Grumpy Lord Farquaad's dad? ›

Grumpy is a dwarf in the Shrek franchise. He is based on Grumpy from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as being based loosely on one of the dwarfs from the fairytale, Snow White and a loose allusion to the Prince from The Princess and the Pea. He is the father of Lord Farquaad.

What are the 7 dwarf families? ›

The seven clans of the Dwarves were:
  • Longbeards, Durin's Folk, originally from Gundabad.
  • Firebeards and Broadbeams, originally from the Blue Mountains.
  • Ironfists and Stiffbeards, originated in the East.
  • Blacklocks and Stonefoots, originated in the East.
Jan 24, 2023

How heavy is Lord Farquaad? ›

Lord Farquaad
Height4'6 (138cm)
Weight43kg (95 lbs)
Blood typeRed
21 more rows

Does Shrek 3 have babies? ›

Fergus, Farkle, and Felicia are secondary characters in the Shrek franchise. They are Shrek and Fiona's triplet children. They appear in Shrek the Third, Shrek the Halls, Shrek Forever After, and Scared Shrekless.

What is Shrek's jacket made of? ›

ShrekHistory on Twitter: "Did you know?? Shrek's vest is made out of alligator skin! (Via Shrek The Essential Guide) 🐊🐊🐊 https://t.co/0RID036zTx" / Twitter.

What color are Shrek's eyes? ›

Shrek is a green ogre with Scottish accent, he has brown eyes and long ears.

Is Shrek 5 Cancelled? ›

Currently, in development, the fifth installment in the popular franchise has had a difficult time of it, but fans will be excited to know that, as of now, it's still happening. Despite alterations in direction and storylines, it seems to finally be coming out of purgatory for a release sometime in 2022.

Did Shrek ever have kids? ›

Farkle, Fergus and Felicia (also known as the Ogre Babies or Ogre Triplets) are the ogre children of Shrek and Princess Fiona. Farkle (indicated by the tuft of hair) and Fergus are male, and Felicia is female (indicated by a pink bow in her hair).

How was Shrek born? ›

Shrek was born to an unnamed father and mother about thirty years prior to when he rescued Fiona. He lived with his parents before he was sent away on his 7th birthday.

Is Doris from Shrek a girl? ›

Doris is an unusually masculine female who works at the Poison Apple. She has a deep male voice and sports make-up similar to that of a drag queen; which includes blue eye-shadow and prominent drawn-on eyebrows.

How old is Lord Farquaad Shrek? ›

How Old Is Lord Farquaad In The Movie?
Lord Farquaad
Mar 12, 2022

Why isn t Arthur in Shrek 4? ›

Note: Artie wasn't written out, as they would give an explanation to why he wasn't in the film. His voice actor, Justin Timberlake, was unavailable to provide the voice as he was on tour. To focus on Shrek, Artie wasn't fitted to the plot.

How tall is a GRU? ›

Gru is approximately 14 feet tall. Gru is roughly 14 feet tall, Gru isn't even the tallest character in the Minion universe.

How tall is Moana? ›

Surprisingly, Moana is large! Moana is about the size of 5 heiheis, that puts moana at a height around 7.5 feet!

How is Peppa Pig 7 feet tall? ›

Insider reported Peppa Pig is 7 feet 1 inch tall, citing the internet as the source. However, the website for Peppa Pig World Online Toy Shop said the animated cartoon's height is 3 feet 9 inches.

What does Donkey call the dragon? ›

In Shrek Forever After, Donkey reveals that the dragon's name is actually Fergie.

Who is Lord Farquaad modeled after? ›

Some have speculated that Lord Farquaad's distinctive appearance and personality are partly based on former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, with whom his once-coworker Jeffrey Katzenberg, who produced Shrek for DreamWorks, had a bitter falling-out.

When was Shrek born? ›

Shrek's Birthday is on February 27, 1999.

What is Fiona in Shrek full name? ›

She does NOT have one since she is a princess even if a fictional one. She is just Princess Fiona.

Why is Fiona not a Disney Princess? ›

If Fiona were a Disney princess, her quest to find her “true” self would involve an expression of traditional physical beauty, and her beauty would qualify her to become a member of the ruling class. Meanwhile, “ugly” characters would trick her and try to prevent her from entering that world.

What is the best quote of Shrek? ›

The 10 Most Emotionally Resonant Quotes from the Shrek Franchise
  • “That'll do Donkey, that'll do.” – ...
  • “Ogres are like onions.” – ...
  • “This'll be fun. ...
  • “It's gonna be champagne wishes and caviar dreams from now on.” – ...
  • “Shrek, Fiona will you accept an Old Frog's apology and my blessing?” –
May 18, 2021

Does Shrek have a catchphrase? ›

“Well, That's Not Very Nice.

It's hideous!” in reference to the giant, green ogre standing in front of him. Shrek quips back, “well, that's not very nice. It's just a donkey,” in reference to his four-legged sidekick.

Who is Princess Fiona based on? ›

Created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, Fiona is loosely based on the unsightly princess in William Steig's children's book Shrek! (1990), from which her role and appearance were significantly modified.

What is the most inappropriate film of all time? ›

Most controversial movies ever made
  1. The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) Film. ...
  2. Triumph of the Will (1934) Film. ...
  3. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) Film. ...
  4. The Birth of a Nation (1915) Film. ...
  5. A Clockwork Orange (1971) Film. ...
  6. Freaks (1932) Film. ...
  7. Viridiana (1961) Film. ...
  8. Last Tango in Paris (1972) Film.
Dec 12, 2022

Does Shrek 3 have cuss words? ›

Profanity and insults include "butt," "dork," "loser," "poop," "stupid," "twit," and "suck." There's quite a bit of innuendo: Puss starts to explain where children come from (a man is "full of urges" for his wife) but is cut off; Doris says Charming makes her "hotter than July." The villains and heroes of fairy tale ...

Why is it called Duloc? ›

Duloc seems to be a parody of the Disney theme parks.

Shrek and Donkey also watch colorful, wooden dolls sing "Welcome to Duloc," which may remind viewers of Disney's "It's a Small World" attraction.

Is Shrek King of Duloc? ›

Then since Shrek marries Fiona that makes him King of Duloc.

Who became ruler of Duloc? ›

572yo| 4.6ft | 95lbs. Lord Farquaad is the short-in-stature, ruthless ruler of Duloc in the movie “Shrek”.

Is Duloc in far far away? ›

Where does Shrek take Place? The film takes place in two realms called: Duloc, the Lordship of Lord Farquaad and location of Shrek's Swap, and Far Far Away - the Kingdom ruled by Fiona's parents.

Who is Lord Farquaad based off of? ›

Some have speculated that Lord Farquaad's distinctive appearance and personality are partly based on former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, with whom his once-coworker Jeffrey Katzenberg, who produced Shrek for DreamWorks, had a bitter falling-out.

What does Lord Farquaad say? ›

Lord Farquaad : [tossing legs away] I'm not the monster here, YOU are! You and the rest of that fairytale trash, poisoning my perfect world.

How big is a Farquaad? ›

Lord Farquaad
Hair colourBlack
Height4'6 (138cm)
Weight43kg (95 lbs)
Blood typeRed
21 more rows

What species is Lord Farquaad? ›

The ogre has fallen in love with the princess! Lord Farquaad is the main antagonist of the 2001 animated film Shrek. He was voiced by John Lithgow.

How old is Shrek? ›

did you know that Shrek is 108 years old in the first Shrek movie, making an 86 year age gap between him and Fiona, who's supposed to be 22?

Is Lord Farquaad Grumpy's son? ›

Grumpy is a dwarf in the Shrek franchise. He is based on Grumpy from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as being based loosely on one of the dwarfs from the fairytale, Snow White and a loose allusion to the Prince from The Princess and the Pea. He is the father of Lord Farquaad.

Who became king after Farquaad? ›

Farquaad was briefly the Prince of Far Far Away, until he was eaten alive by Dragon. Fiona then married Shrek, who then became the true heir.

Who took over Duloc after Farquaad? ›

In the video game Shrek: Reekin' Havoc, Thelonius was made the new king after his death. However, this was only represented in that particular game. In Shrek 4-D, Duloc was only seen in the attraction's pre-show and queue, having been virtually untouched after Farquaad's demise.

Is Shrek Scottish or Irish? ›

Fictional biography. Shrek is a large, green-skinned, physically intimidating ogre with a Scottish accent.

What country is Shrek based in? ›

Although in the Puss in Boots spin-off franchise, it is directly noted that the films take place in the country of Spain. There is also an alternative version this world, created by the Rumpelstiltskin's magic, where Shrek does not exist. It appears in Shrek Forever After.

Why did Fiona choose to be an ogre? ›

She explains that when she was a child a witch cast a spell on her, causing her to transform into an ogre when the sun goes down, and that the curse can only be broken by true love's first kiss. Fiona is convinced that Farquaad is this true love, but Donkey suggests that maybe she should be with Shrek instead.


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