Top 11 Crossword Makers (2023)

Top 11 Crossword Makers (1)

The best crossword puzzle makers will help you create educational crossword puzzles. If you are a teacher or a parent who wants to develop your child's spelling and thinking skills, you don't have to solve the crosswords yourself, you can use one of the crossword generators. There are online crossword generators, as well as desktop and mobile versions.

  1. crossword tool- Easy to use
  2. Crossword Labs- Protect your password
  3. Puzzle- Automatically generate puzzles
  4. Immediate- Fast generation of crossword puzzles.
  5. Crossword compiler 10- Lists of keywords
  6. Eclipse Crossword- Export to various formats.
  7. crossword- Record the number of views
  8. Crossword weaver- Wide range of configurations
  9. Crossword Puzzle MakeriOS- Allows adding a background image
  10. Wort-AppAndroid- Automatically generates crossword grids
  11. PuzzleiOS|Android- Automatically generates crossword grids

The best crossword puzzle maker is easy to use and allows you to create, print and even publish crossword puzzles. Also, these crossword puzzle makers can be customized according to students' needs. This flexibility also allows you to make crosswords as interesting and useful as possible. If you need to put a collage in your crossword, useFree photo collage maker.

1. Crossword tool: Our choice

Hassle-free use

  • Puzzle-Check-Option
  • A comprehensive guide to working with the program.
  • preview option
  • recovery function
  • none

Verdict:Crossword Puzzle Tool is a great web-based interactive crossword puzzle generator that is especially useful for student or other student education.

To create free crosswords, you need to provide your name and select the difficulty level, then click on the "Create your own" tab and provide the title of your crossword. Then write down your words (at least three) and questions. The preview feature lets you see how your work will look in the output.

If you want to change something, click Restore. The Check Puzzle feature highlights correct answers in green and incorrect answers in red.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (3)

2. Crossword Labs

Protect your password

  • Export crosswords as images
  • Export to SVG
  • Create a link to post on the website
  • crossword search
  • difficult for beginners
  • The crossword key cannot be reset

Verdict:It is an interactive crossword puzzle maker that allows you to create, print, publish and solve crossword puzzles online. You do not need to register to work with the site.

Enter the name of the crossword, see how to set it up, and get to work. Enter a word, a space, and a prompt, and your crossword is complete. On the next screen you can edit the puzzle, restore it or save it to a Word or PDF document and share it on one of the many social networks.

You can also copy your survey URL and post it on your website.

To protect the solution key, create a password before creating a crossword. You can also access crosswords created by other users by clicking the Find Crosswords button at the top of the page.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (5)

3. Riddle Maker

Automatically generate jigsaw puzzles

  • Large selection of puzzles.
  • Export im HTML-Format
  • Available on CD
  • Easy editing of projects
  • The CD version is chargeable
  • complicated interface
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Verdict:Widely regarded as the best crossword puzzle maker, it is perfect for generating brain teasers for educators, students and parents. Puzzlemaker offers many formats that can be modified according to your needs.

Create and print custom word search puzzles and math puzzles using custom word lists. To start working on the project, you need to choose the type of puzzle from the list that appears.

Enter the correct answers and customize your puzzle to suit your preferences. You can preview the results and make any necessary changes before printing.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (7)

4. Snapshot

Fast generation of crossword puzzles.

  • problem-free in use
  • Export im PDF-Format
  • long lanes
  • print cheap
  • Some options are chargeable
  • Does not work with Word format

Verdict:Instant is a web-based crossword maker that offers a wide range of basic and premium features such as: B. Saving the crossword puzzle as a PDF file.

To create a puzzle, follow these simple steps: start each line with the answer word, type the slash "/" and enter a clue of any length.

After creating a jigsaw puzzle, you can see how it will look like with background images. You can also print out your crossword puzzlesPhoto Printing Software.

In order to get attractive crosswords with pictures, you need to pay for some additional options. Also note that Instant doesn't let you copy and paste crossword puzzles into a Word document.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (9)

5. Crossword Compiler 10

terminology lists

  • Allows you to create crosswords of various shapes
  • help with the choice of words.
  • newspaper style
  • Powerful net filling motor
  • A steep learning curve
  • The full version is chargeable.

Verdict:With Crossword Compiler 10 you can create crossword puzzles in different ways. You can choose the type of crossword you want to create from your own word list. Allows you to create vocabulary crosswords or word searches. One great thing is that this crossword puzzle generator offers themed word lists that make the task much easier.

The New Puzzle feature allows you to choose the type of puzzle you want to create. It inserts many words into the grid and allows you to choose the fill you want.

Crossword Compiler 10 can generate puzzles in many ways. It also allows you to create simple puzzles of different sizes in the style of a newspaper.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (11)

6. Eclipse Crossword

Export in multiple formats

  • save word lists
  • Druckoption
  • Save projects as web pages
  • simple interface
  • Not compatible with earlier versions of Windows
  • Manual setup of crosswords is not available

Verdict:EclipseCrossword is a freeware for creating crosswords on Windows 10 devices. With a user-friendly interface, you can use this maker to create crosswords quickly and easily.

To create a crossword you just need to add words and clues. You can also save a word list and use it later. After adding words, you need to choose the size of your future crossword.

The resulting file can be printed or saved to your PC. You can choose which items you want to print and set the number of copies.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (13)

7. Klest crossword

Note the number of views

  • More than 1000 puzzles
  • save models
  • Check if a crossword puzzle is correct
  • Convenient export to multiple formats
  • evil interface
  • Complicated for beginners.

Verdict:Although Klest Crosswords does not have a well-designed user interface, it is widely considered to be the best crossword puzzle maker. This is an open source compiler that offers more than 1000 puzzles. You can test, edit, or solve them.

Klest Crossword generates grids automatically. You can also select words from the dictionary automatically or semi-automatically. This puzzle compiler allows you to save a grid as a template as well as export crosswords in various formats including RTF, PDF, PostScript, HTML, etc.

Klest Crossword is also compatible with AcrosSLite and OpenKlest formats. You can check the correctness of a puzzle and provide users with viewing statistics.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (15)

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8. Crossword Weaver

A variety of configurations

  • Symmetriemodus
  • Configure each side separately
  • Optimized for printing
  • Download statistics and words
  • bad customer service
  • Many functions are chargeable

Verdict:Crossword Weaver is one of the most popular crossword puzzle makers. With a user-friendly interface, the compiler allows you to generate symmetric or free-form crosswords.

Once you have decided on the type of puzzle, you need to submit the words and clues. To speed up this process, you can upload or download a word list. So you need to create a grid and choose its size.

One great thing is that you can change the appearance of each page as well as the font style to your liking. Also, Crossword Weaver provides detailed statistics and tells you the exact number of words.

Also, you can print puzzles directly from the compiler. Crossword Weaver has an export option so you can download the puzzle you made to your computer or other devices.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (17)

9. Crossword Puzzle Maker

Allows adding a background image

  • Beautiful fonts and gradients
  • magnifying glass function
  • Save the history of generated crosswords
  • Supports vector graphics
  • May stop working abruptly
  • Downloading puzzles is not permitted.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (18)

Crossword Puzzle Maker


Verdict:This is probably the best crossword maker for iPhone and iPad users. The puzzle creation process is very simple - you just need to enter a title, answers and hints. The developers of this crossword compiler provide beautiful fonts, amazing backgrounds and perfect gradients.

Crossword Puzzle Maker automatically highlights and displays a title. If you want to change your layout later, you can use the history of already created crosswords. A magnifying glass function is ideal for people with eye problems.

The program allows you to add your own background images or choose from 12 presets. The background settings are easy to customize. You can choose the ideal position, size, opacity, types of transitions, etc.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (19)

10. Word-App

Automatically generate crosswords

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  • database trace
  • Easy download and save function
  • Supports the import of jigsaw puzzles from other manufacturers.
  • Export files as an image
  • Problems sharing crossword puzzles

Top 11 Crossword Makers (20)


Verdict:Wordapp is probably the best crossword maker for Android users. With a variety of useful features, this generator is not complicated to use and offers many automatic options.

Also, Wordapp finds the most suitable jigsaw puzzle template based on a set of words entered by the user. This crossword puzzle maker offers a large database of clues from professional crossword puzzles and vocabulary.

Users can share puzzles with friends using third-party tools. Once the user has received the puzzle, they can open it with Wordapp.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (21)

11. Bonza-Worträtsel

Unusual puzzle formats

  • More crosswords
  • Big collection of words.
  • sound effects
  • Synchronization with the community
  • Low quality of downloaded puzzles

Top 11 Crossword Makers (22)


Verdict:Bonza Word Puzzle generates unique quizzes and crosswords. Their database has a wide variety of free puzzles, and you can buy more if you want.

In addition, Bonza Word Puzzle allows you to create your own native format jigsaw puzzles. You can use different sets of words and clues. You can then share the tests with the Bonza community.

Bonza Word Puzzle has numerous sound effects like those offered byAnimation maker for kids. You can add these effects to your puzzle to make the solving process fun.

Top 11 Crossword Makers (23)


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