Top 14 Tech N9ne Songs - Music Industry (2023)

Top 14 Tech N9ne Songs - Music Industry (1)

Tech N9ne is the stage name of Aaron Yates, a rapper known for his fast rhyming rap reminiscent of the TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol. This, along with Tech's deft lyricism, made him one of the pioneers of underground rap.

Tech founded Strange Music, the world's largest independent hip-hop label, has sold more than two million albums and has won three gold records. Here are the top 12 Tech N9ne songs to get you started on this legendary rapper's discography.


helicopters of the world

As you already know, Tech N9ne's name is derived from his fast rapping. The song "Worldwide Choppers", considered by many to be the artist's best work, is the ideal example of this skill. This is the third song in Tech's "Chopper" series, which follows but expands on "Midwest Choppers" and "Midwest Choppers 2".

The sixth track from Tech's twelfth studio album, All 6's and 7's, this song showcases the global talent of the fastest rappers Tech could find in Busta Rhymes, Twista and more. This song represents fast rappers from all over the world including Denmark, Turkey, Chicago and many more. Each artist displays his own lyrical prowess while rapping at high speed.

This track perfectly embodies Tech N9ne's style of rapping and sheds light on others.rapperwho also specialize in this style. However, the following song is a perfect representation of Tech N9ne's perception.

as i am not

In Like I Ain't, Tech N9ne talks about his frustration with the music industry for not getting the respect he long ago deserved. Throughout this album, Tech consistently names some of the best artists he's worked with in hip-hop, past and present.

(Video) Best of Tech N9ne Over 7 Hours (106 Songs!)

He talks about working with Tupac, Eminem, Twista, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chains and many more. He shows how Tech talent is valued by his peers, but not everywhere. Despite this, Tech basically raps his entire resume, highlighting his immense talent and wide range of accomplishments.

The music video is part of a series of films that deal with this topic in an interesting way. This video demonstrates the longevity of Tech N9ne's 30-year rap career, as well as his continued ability to reinvent himself and collaborate with the aforementioned new greats.

hood going crazy

Tech N9ne's song "Hood Go Crazy" isn't exactly what you'd expect from him. However, Tech is no stranger to impressing his fans and this is just another example. This track with B.o.B. and 2 Chainz, is a simple party song meant for the club and meant to get the crowd excited.

Beginning as the eleventh track on Tech N9ne's fifteenth studio album Hood Go Crazy, given its popularity it's clear just how important this track is to fans and peers alike. While not what Tech N9ne fans are used to, it remains one of the artist's most popular songs to date.

B.o.B's catchy hook and beats from 2 Chainz and Tech have had this song on repeat since 2015. While this Tech N9ne song may not be the heaviest, it's still a lot of fun and good to hear this artist having fun.


The next song appears on the Southpaw soundtrack and is titled "Beast". This song is a collaboration and remix of "Beast" by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard, featuring Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes and KXNG CROOKED.

This is yet another song that will mesmerize and invigorate your listeners, just like the star of this boxing movie, Billy "The Great" Hope. Billy Hope is a former boxing champion who had the perfect life before losing it all. Hope is struggling to get his life back on track and this song reflects that. Similar to Hope, each verse is about coming out of nowhere and getting over it.

Due to its inclusion in a major movie, this Tech N9ne song is one of the most famous. Considering how some of these artists rose from obscurity to fame, this is a true rags-to-riches story. Anyone would be inspired after hearing this song and the same goes for you.


"B.I.T.C.H" is another track where Tech N9ne expresses that he is not accepted in hip hop and even in the black community. He mentions how his people started avoiding him in 2001 when he fell.English. This album turned off potential listeners because Tech came off as creepy devil worshiper without delving into the overall message.

However, this song serves as a statement of Tech's determination to continue to reach out to its people despite their reluctance. And with T-Pain as its hook, it's only natural that this track would become one of Tech's most iconic songs. This is one of the best examples of Tech N9ne's work, delivering in his own style. A great song by Tech N9ne.

(Video) Fox News Blames SVB Collapse on "Woke" & Trump's J6 Choir Drops Cringe Single | The Daily Show

facing each other

In Tech N9ne's latest hot song, we see Tech's chopper rap take over from none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This song surprised everyone and quickly became popular with The Rock's debut in the rap game. When this song was released, it was all over social media, drawing the interest of millions (and millions).

The Rock is a well-known fan of Tech N9ne and often listens to his music to work out. This song falls into exactly that category and might get you excited in the zone.

Although this song features The Rock, the other representatives of Strange Music have come and gone, each delivering outstanding performances and showcasing their lyrical chops. This is an inspirational song with a good message that everyone should add to their gym playlist.


Top 14 Tech N9ne Songs - Music Industry (2)

In this song, together with Tech N9ne, one of the most popular rappers of the last decade takes the stage. They are both amazing artists, but like any human being, they show just how sensitive they can be in Fragile. This song is about how demoralizing it can be for artists to criticize their work, especially when they've given it their all.

The hook perfectly captures Tech N9ne's point that critics only criticize the talented, which does more harm than good. Kendrick Lamar's verse begins by showing how he wants to be perceived in the rap game. He goes so far as to say that the work he publishes is greater than the critics who slander it.

This not only helps the listeners, but it is also an outlet for the artists and a way to share their lives with the world. Artists naturally feel vulnerable to criticism after revealing such private information to the public, and this song sums it up perfectly.

I'm a psychopath

Tech N9ne's fourth song, "All 6's and 7's," finds B.o.B and Hopsin joining in on the fun—or the horror, to be precise. Each verse explores the psyche of a different type of psycho, starting with Tech N9ne. Tech's verse revolves around a sadist who refrains from inflicting pain on others. He is really obsessed with sex and he loves to addinsectna mistura.

Hopsin's verse is about mental disorder, loss of touch with reality, and mood swings. He even claims that heaven is to blame for going to hell and talks as if his problem mindset is right and everything else is wrong.

In the third verse, B.o.B is a cold-blooded and ruthless schizophrenic behind his calm demeanor. His mind is racing and he begins to question everything before realizing that he might be going crazy. The hook, which repeatedly asks the question in the title, underpins each verse and brings a unique approach to the overall composition of this song.

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Erbody, but I

If you haven't figured it out yet, it's safe to sayn9ne technologyHe has a wide range when it comes to making music. One moment he's showing his audience a twisted and sadistic side of a person, and the next he's showing them how to party and have a good time. "Erybody But Me" is the latest on the spectrum and captures the party vibe a bit.

However, this track is different and puts you in the "me first" mentality, where you only focus on yourself with no concern for others. Tech N9ne acknowledged that this song is narcissistic because he prioritizes himself over others.

The main purpose of this song and the reason why it is so popular is to make you feel good. From time to time, you should make time for yourself, because we all need time for ourselves.

So damn (they want)

"So Dope (They Wanna)" has a more sexual approach that we can see in the previous songs. This track features Tech N9ne rapping about how dumb he is, which somehow resembles drugs (drugs). Like drugs, your stupidity can lead to sexual activity.

All the features in this range stand out, but Snow Tha Product wanted to make a statement. Snow jumps to the ground to show off his chopper style as Tech N9ne and demonstrate why he's in a class of his own lyrically.

Snow adds to the overall mood of the track by saying that she is so silly that even men and women are drawn to her attraction. If you like hip hop for the vibe or the lyrics, this is the perfect song for you.


"Dysfunctional" is considered one of the biggest underground hits. Each artist on this track expresses her emotional instability and insecurity. This is a powerful track that showcases the lyrical skills of the Strange Music label as they rap circles around the making of this song.

Tech N9ne talks about how his emotional instability stems from people who left him in his past. But now he is no longer alone and has the support of his fans. Big Scoob talks about how his upbringing has excluded him from almost every career option. Krizz Kaliko is shown dealing with dysfunction caused by pills and medicines and trying to deal with pain.

Straight to the entrance

"Straight out the Gate" is probably the most unique track on this list as it is a mix of hip hop and rock as the two genres mesh perfectly together. Tech N9ne introduces a legend in Serj Tankian, vocalist and keyboardist for the heavy metal band System of a Down.

Serj's calm voice and hardcore rap style seem to blend naturally. This unique sound is accompanied by a wide range of themes, including leaving the industry and developing his own identity.

(Video) 50 Cent - Ayo Technology (Official Music Video) ft. Justin Timberlake

This song is so popular that it was included on the WWE 2K18 soundtrack. The rock soundtracks from previous WWE games are well known, especially the classic System of a Down tunes, so this fit the bill quite a bit.

welcome lou

During a party in Kansas City in 1995, Tech N9ne and his friends decided to start mixing drinks, which led to the creation of Caribou Lou. This drink was a mix of 151 rum, pineapple juice, and Malibu liqueur.

The drink was immortalized as a song on the Everready album in 2006, more than ten years after its release. The lyrics simply describe how the drink is made and how, as the song puts it, it would "shock everyone" afterwards. This song later went platinum and became a Kansas City drink all over the world.

and if it were me

"What If It Was Me" delivers a powerful message focused on the lives of Black people killed by police. The first verse follows Tech's life, from watching crimes at a young age to transforming a dark future into one where he makes music with friends. That path was cut short after a member was convicted of statutory rape, leaving Tech alone.

Tech brings up the murders of Trayvon Martin and Alton Sterling and puts himself in their shoes. Alton was killed while selling CDs outside a gas station, just like Tech was in the rap game. He is put in this position when two cops confront him over the apt description and are quickly sent to heaven because one of them lost it.

The narrative then switches to the police officer's point of view, describing this person's distance from his wife and children. The end of this song describes everything a black man must endure to survive, including run-ins with the police, gang violence, and more. For the message alone, this track deserves a spot on this list.

Top Tech N9ne Songs, Latest Thoughts

There are plenty of other Tech N9ne songs to check out, including "Sriracha." This track features Logic and Joyner Lucas, sparking the short-lived one-sided feud between the two.

Tech N9ne is an amazing artist with a wide range of talents. Take a look at these songs to better understand the artist and as a gateway to his entire discography. Tech has plenty of music to dig into and you won't be disappointed.

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