Top 20 Elden Ring Armor Sets With Locations (2023)

Challenges and a constant learning curve have been the mantra of the FromSoftwares game, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game has a wide variety of weapons, spells, talismans, bows, and armor. Spotted are popular with the rare. If you're looking for the best Eld Ring armor, our guide lists the best Eld Ring armor the game has to offer.

The best armor sets are displayed in Elden Ring.

A ring player among some hats.

Elden Ring World offers amazing loot and exciting stuff. You can venture into deep caves and unknown dungeons to make the most of the ten armored parts in this game.

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Many of the items were removed from their chests after fighting enemies and destroying them. Similarly, you can still get some armor sets like ours, but mark our words, enemies will never drop this loot all the time and so you will have to engage enemies multiple times to increase the success rate of your shopping. And there is a way to do this. You can add points to your arcane stat to increase your item discovery rate and increase the chance of earning large ice drops.

As soon as you entered the guide where we featured the top 10 elven arons, go ahead, you started looking through the rest of the guide.

Clean Rot Armor

All the splendor of the Cleanrot armor is the truth.

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The Cleanrot armor is one of the nicest and best sets in the game that does just that. However, at high damage, the weight doesn't seem to stop it from moving quickly, so make sure you preserve your agility and maneuverability much better when it comes to fighting agile enemies. A good job can't be in any position of this armor so you don't conserve your strength, but you still have a better chance.

If you ask about the armor, you'll find it within the walls of the Caelid swamps. The journey is easy. They want to take you to the rest of the area to make sure you get off nearby. We must make sure that the armor drops eventually. They want to head northeast to find the first godly knight. Go a little further in the same environment and you will find another island-like area where the second horseman will spawn.

Proceed to take them down as well. Go to the corner behind the town where the third horseman will spawn. If you don't drop right away, don't be discouraged, as spawns don't happen that fast in Elden Ring. You have to get the phone back and start over, and it takes you 45 minutes to put your armor back on. Even in the Elden Ring, the Cleanrot armor is absolutely gorgeous.

This armor set has some pretty good stats to consider, making it easy to travel the lands between the two of you. His armor set grants him 50 immunity, 150 resistance, and 60 average boost effects. Massive strength means he can safely take massive damage without falling to his house death, which is the norm for Elden Ring. The armor is of good quality. And with the clean look of the armor, this is some of the best you'll see in the Elden Ring.

Set of two pivoting arms.

The twin weapon located in the lands between the three countries.

What do you think? How is Elden Ring the best samurai?

The twin armor is a symbol of the split gold and silver twins. This helps maximize defense and stamina, making you more vulnerable to enemies. The armor also changes your overall appearance and makes you look like a holy figure. Think carefully about this armor that you may have seen before. And it would be correct to say that D Hunter is the guest of the roundtable.

An Elden Ring with an excellent design - the best builds of Adhes.

It wouldn't be nice to buy a piece of armor if you were fighting the hunter or a sword, but it would make you a lot more hungry. You can still go the other way by doing the main story. First of all, you need to deal with the three main bosses in the game and return to the round table.

He then talks to Fia, who is sitting on a bed in a side room. After she is exhausted, she will give you a little hug. She will regularly talk about a dagger, but eventually she will give it to you. She now go to D'Almon and show him the dagger. You will receive an introduction to the dagger.

After that, I want to bring you back to the round table. This time I find a new area that has opened up at the back of the Round Table, and in this case you'll find D Hunter pretty much dead with Fia next to him. For the most part, you can loot the poor guy and buy the armor from him, and that's pretty much it. Be sure to follow his instructions and follow his advice to stay in touch with what he is teaching, as there are some interesting things.

The armor set has some of the best stats around, and the premise of this is that it offers a significant boost in Vitality, unlike any of the other armor listed here. Your immunity is 38, your confidence is 60, your focus is 24, and your vitality is 60. It also helps you increase your points by 21.

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carian knight

The royal knight's armor looks a bit faded. He comes with a shield and does his best to make you look like a knight in shining armor most of the time. To get this armor set, you need to go to the library. There is also a third cap for a game, and it is easily accessible and probably the most important part of this part of the game. You will arrive at the Cathedral, but we will not stop there if you go to an adjoining cemetery, and from now on we will cross the bridge.

You'll want to move on to the next section of the region, where you'll find a space. Now drop down through the gap and cross the area avoiding nearby enemies. You'll find loot next to a statue, so don't be shy; no one uses Get it yourself. And best of all, you get the fully armored carrion without having to fight or do anything. Don't take chances with enemies who seek revenge. Do not walk away or run towards your death. That is your decision.

The Carian Knight is fantastic armor that increases immunity by 66. This gives you around 110 strength and 50 focus. It is vital for your soul at 55 points and attitude at 26 points. Picking it up early is pretty good armor, so it will surely increase your damage and defense against enemies in the upcoming Alden Rings. It also has incredible damage denial totaling around 25 and offers protection against magical, holy, light, and fire damage.

Raptor costume with black feathers.

Blaidd donned the Raptor Black Feather armor set.

The Raptors Black Feather outfit is quite stylish, the best armor in the Elden Ring World with its dark and gloomy overall appearance. You must find this armor set for dark and gothic clothing. If you're looking for this armor set, you'll be glad to know where to find it. Getting the armor set doesn't require story progression, but things get tricky, especially when you beat the boss to progress to the next area where the armor set is located.

To get this armor set, make sure you head south and keep getting used to some mines. There you will face many enemies that you will easily ignore and you can get the armor in the blink of an eye. It is always optional when looking for the Raptors black feather armor set. You need to enter a place called Sage Cave.

From the bottom of grace, go straight down the riverbed and come to the larger side of the lake. Look to the left and walk until you find a space between the right and the right. Now you enter a huge cave where a lot of annoying enemies are built and there are a lot of hidden walls that were probably marked by previous players.

You will enter the caves and find two chests, one chest hidden behind a wall consisting of Talon weapons which are very useful for your melee damage. Keep going and you will discover a waterfall with a small passage, and there will be a room with two chests made from black raptor armor pieces.

Raptors Talons are wonderful when it comes to the wounds that the entire game has to offer. The weapon is very powerful and powerful, especially in this tremor arena.

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Royal Remains Rüstungsset Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set scary Scariest Elden Armor Set Scariest Elden Armor Set Siehe Creepy

Royal Remains armor set of the Royal Order.

A remanufactured armor set looks good on the undead. It seems quite interesting to take out this armor set during the round. But, first of all, you need to make sure that you have defeated Godrick and then head to Albinoris village. Now you must find a marker with several crosses to hang the bodies.

You have to get to the top of the hill and then turn left at the top of the hill and you can get pretty upset even if you're unlucky. What you want to do is share a boat with an NPC or even an NPC and then give them an address to connect to. Don't talk to them. Lastly, a shiny medallion was used. If this character doesn't spawn in this region, you'll want to complete some invasion missions. If you want to go to Murkwater Cave and complete some raid quests, you should go to Albinoris Village. You also need to complete the Smoking Church Ruins to gain access to the NPC in Albinoris.

They should also cover character generation in the roundtable, where characters spawn further back in the roundtable. You need to beat that character's villain and then reach a character who will give you the medallion. Once this is complete you will have to return to the round table and be attacked again for the fourth time. Decide to beat the enemy and you will be surprised. Once in the area, you need to head back to where the invasion originated earlier, and when you do, you'll find the full set of armor, which you'll take with you to help her out.

The armor has a fun undead aesthetic similar to the Elden Ring. Even if the armor is heavier, it's still worth a look.

A fight with a set of armor, it says, has a sonic energy negation of about 26 nymphs in the area of ​​resistance to magic, fire, light, and holy effects. All armor has immunity 84, resistance 1335, focus 57, vitality 27 and balance 32. The weight is really too heavy to weigh around 25.3.

Embossed dragon armor set, awesome Elden ring armor.

With an attractive golden and majestic aesthetic, the armor set which is quite beautiful is really easy to find a boss fight and complete it. From Farum Azula, on your way to the bridge facing north, you will come across a tornado minding its own business. On his quest across the border, he crosses the bridge and a masked dragon rider takes his wound. Make sure you take them out and voila, he reloads the misshapen dragon armor and frees the knight.

Please think twice before equipping this armor set as it is heavier than it is. The armor set limits you in maneuvers and therefore you can even wear this armor set and be able to control yourself. There is a lot of armor damage for you. You can soak up enemy damage as easily as possible, but you can't even miss with enemies that are too fast for you to run out of time.

The armor set includes many dragons and is supported by misshapen tree plants. In lore, the Sentinels incarnated after the great ancient dragon that attacked Gransax, an epiphany, and discovered that the only way to be the Sole Protectors of Erdtretee was to become the Sole Protectors themselves.

An overall damage denial of around 36.7 is the highest on record for any build we've come across to date. It has a high resistance to impacts and punctures, e.g. and can also create many magical, fire, light and holy effects. The resistance stats of this armor set are invisible to this world. A combined armor rank is around 115, overall rating is 181. Focus stat is around 91, vitality is around 91, and posture is around 56.

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Overall, we think this is another excellent set that deserves to be included in our Best Armor Guide.

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Drake-Knight Armor is a Russian military force.

An Elden Ring player has Dragonknight Armor.

The Drake Knight armor is definitely a great armor set, but it all depends on your class. As long as you haven't done your exploration, you won't make it on the first try, so you won't be able to do it again when you get a chance to get into the game and play the famous Farum Azula and take the ride. This armor is an extremely eye-catching Elden Ring.

Tiger Knight's armor is hidden in the Azula Arsenicum. To get it right, you need to make sure you've defeated the Godskin Duo and then head over to the Grace Site. Upon reaching the area where the birds scare you, you are greeted by an elevator with no alarm.

If you try to go down, you will die instantly. When you reach the edge of the building on the ladder, you can start going down instead of putting up with the dragon. Up and down and down the street. You will find a chest with the Derry Knight armor. This is also a set of weapons, helmets, knife and greaves. If you've already completed a lot of side quests, you may have already gone to the Elden Ring with better armor. If you have a second or third arm you might be better off with them, and if you don't this should certainly bolster your defense when coming out of the tougher corners of the game.

The armor weighs around 23.3 pounds, which is on the heavier side. The most valuable armor in this guide offers a damage negation of around 28.5 damage negation. Historically, he has immunity of 66; in the past the strength is 75; childhood is 43 years old; in flight it is 43; the voltage is 40. This armor set is good for your ability to ride the ELDR rings.

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Radahn's lion armor is wolf armor.

General Radahn in all his glory is His Majesty.

The Radahn armor is easily some of the best in the game, with the best defensive and offensive stats any piece of armor can have. We recommend this piece of armor if you want it to look modern instead of a weapon. Radahn's "little armor" is part of General Radahn's set, which is one of the most powerful or heaviest weapons of all time. It is well defended against physical and magical attacks.

This golden lion symbolizes Godfrey, the Elder Lord, and his animal ruler, Sarosh. From a very young age, Radahn was naturally fascinated by battlefield leaders. The armor has Immunity of 143, Resilience of 235, and Concentration of 100. It has a maximum Vitality of 91 and 60. The Radahn Armor is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful armor in the Elden Ring. It will be impossible for you to get this amazing armor, so you need to defeat Radahn first, which as we know is not a very difficult boss fight without our trust. It's worth it as you can get the best armor in the game. Head southeast through Castle Radahns and into the local town. You will see the Radahn rune.

Once you have the rune, head over to the Roundtable Hold and Finger Reader Enia, the ancient piece with the staff. For around 12,000 runes, no weapons are needed. You know, but it's worth it. You can also purchase Radahn's Helms and now look like a true lord in the Elden Ring and the lands between. Small Fry is easy with this and boss fights become a breeze. Congratulations, you will now receive a Radahn armor set. The Radahn armor set looks pretty awesome. With the protruding horns and the thick red mane on the back, the horns are naive.

Dung-eating armor.

The Dung Eater Cupid set is the heaviest armor in the Elden Ring Universe.

The Dung Eater armor is probably the heaviest armor in the game, but it is known for having the best overall damage prevention and resistance to holy, magical, light, and fire attacks.

The Dung Eater is a character who was hanged in the game's opening sequence. When you enter the Leyndell capital, Dung Eater appears in the direction of the round table holder with Twin Husks as a red ghost. Hell ignores you for a long time until you get the Seedbed Curse mirror, which is in Roundtable Hold.

It is at the end of a road towards Taratar. When you're done with the curse on the flowerbed, go back to him and ask him to help you get the key. To return from this avenue, go up the stairs to Lisbon and then jump over a wall to the left. Now you'll find a better place than a good foot. You need to go through Saubterrane and Shunning-Ground to the end of the Dung Heater, which you will find locked in a cell. You can contact them in the next step. Go past some giant plants and go up the ladder instead of going down the pipes.

If you fight him to the death and win, you'll get his armor in addition to his sword, not as much as you'd say given his weakness and fighting pitifully and aggressively. However, he can't do anything without the support of his ability to shout and an incredible ability to do a lot.

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Archived Pacts Pacts - The armor of a banished knight.

Banished Knight Armor is an exceptional piece of chest armor known for its robustness. This will help defend and fight the enemy. The good thing about this armor is that it also helps you defend and defend yourself. A knight wore the armor but says he was lucky or mistreated and forced to give up all he considered home. However, despite the loss of territory, these warriors were quite successful. This also led to the appointment of his knights. In the eastern part of the map you will see a dragon church called Caelid. In addition to being in the south, the bottom of the country can find a peninsula forming an additional stretch. The church is on the other side of the bridge and north of the city. There, a horseman surrounds the entrance. He tries to kill the poor idiot and you'll probably get the helmet and breastplate. The only difference between this and the helmet is that it does not change and for everything you have to use fire in StormVeil Castle. It has good Force denial, not just for Magic, Fire, Light, and Holy stats. It has 63 Immunity, 90 Massive Stamina for the flak vest alone, 42 Strength, 42 Vitality, and 28. And those are the best Elden Ring Armor we have for you. You can buy some of them well in advance to enjoy your trip from the beginning. However, you have to fight a lot to get other armor pieces, which makes them very difficult to find or farm.

Malith's Armor

Maliketh's armor stats are the weapons of the game.

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A set of heavy armor made of black iron and decorated with gold. Maliketh's armor is a stylish set that helps majestically defend and defend the enemy to fight hard against opponents and resist heavy damage. This awesome armor set has been beautifully designed so that you can also change your appearance when equipped. This armor set is available for everything from young heroes to young heroes.

Location of the Maliths armor:

To get this set of armor, you need to go to the capital, to the forbidden lands where the fireman lives. Killing fire giants in the Forge of Giants area will teleport you to a ruined Farum Azula. When you reach the indicated location, take the word "Black Blade"! Maliketh is a strong boss. This beast is not very heavy to destroy so be ready before fighting this beast. After defeating Maliliketh, you get Maliliketh's armor as a reward.

Maliketh's armor has decent stats. Armor is popular for its attractiveness and strong debuff resistance. There is also a Malikeths Black Blade, a deadly melee weapon that can be used to slice through enemy defenders in melee. Unlike base Maliketh, her body has 37 Immunity, 57 Resilience, 24 Focus, 50 Vitality, and 19 Balance, making her quite reliable to use.

Armor Black Knife is in good condition.

Black knife armor.

Do you want to complete missions in stealth mode and search for the right armor? The best tactical armor set in Elden Ring is an optional armor set, Samuran, made specifically for stealth missions. As aggressive as you are, you sometimes need to be wary of a number of monsters and be cunning to catch them off guard and start damaging them again. The Black Knife Armor Set allows you to fight like a slave and keep it still without attracting attention. It's also lighter than Heavy Duty, allowing you to make light, cushioned movements without making too much noise.

Black Knife Armor Location:

Getting a Black Knife armor set is very easy. All you have to do is get to Ordina, located in the Adirondack town of Liturgique. There is a large staircase on the east side of the area. Under the stairs is the corpse of the Black Knife armor set that can be received from.

This armor has a relatively low stat and is not the best option for taking heavy hits from opponents, but it can be the best solution for your enemies, allowing you to move quickly like a professional assassin without drawing the attention of pesky enemies. The passive effect also suppresses movement noise when walking or running. This significantly reduces the Dex build requirements for sneaking. The base Black Armor Knife Set has a Stability Condition of 26, Stamina of 46, Vitality Count of 23, and Balance of 14.

Veteran's Armor

Veteran's Armor

Dating back to ancient times, the Veteran Armor Set carries the legacy of veterans who once faced battle with bravery and courage. This armor set may look old and dusty, but it is said to be effective in defense and protection. The full armor set includes a Veteran Helmet, Veteran Armor Plate, Veteran Gauntlets, and Greaves.

Veterans are wounded in the military.

To build Veteran Armor, you have to walk a long way to get to the Giant Mountain. Once you reach the town, enter the Castillo del Sol and take the roof where the boss is. You can join the wars after defeating the palace. After killing the boss, go to the round table and try to interact with the NPC there. To make a purchase, you can find the Veteran armor sets in the purchase section.

Although the Veteran armor set is bulky and difficult to wear, its good, solid stats are pretty impressive. This is not very reliable and cannot be used in serious fights. The base variant of the Veteran armor set has a remarkable 150 immunity, so its strength is greatly improved while resisting heavy damage. The armor has tremendous Stamina 215, Vitality and Focus 110 Balance 79. These four models are pretty impressive and reliable.

lusatian armor

Les Lucats-Armor-Statistics (Lecats-Armor-Statistics):

It's easy to have this armor and I will. Lust's armor set has the best magic negation in Elden Ring, but the highly attractive armor on her is some of the most attractive in the game. The Lusts set features sparkling blue rhinestones and a voluminous look with an added feather at the front. Lust's armor set allows you to deflect heavy attacks against enemies and has a good chance of parrying enemies' attacks without taking heavy hits. Full armor includes Olympic Legend and Mule Stone. Lusatian tunic, olympic cuffs and olympic body cuffs and Modernspyrn gl.

The location of the campsite in Lausitz is great.

While the Lusats armor set is very hard to find, it is certainly one of the best enchanting armor sets to add to your collection. To complete the army, you need to complete the first stage of the quest. After that, walk to WayPoint Road where you will find an underground tunnel. After going down the tunnel, you will find ways to loathe the boss. After the boss is killed, go to the door and talk to Sellen. When you talk to the NPC, you will have to complete the quest by going back to Volcano Mana where you will find Primeval Sorcerer: Azur. Now go back to Sellen and show him the wizardry of Azurs. After that, you can get a Sellens Seal Breaker after completing the interaction.

For the final step, find Lust, who is in the hideout near Faroth. When you get there, you will see an enemy that you can easily defeat. Contrasted with a past that is the secret door to the hideout. Enter the hideout to find Lust and find her spell. After hitting this spell, you need to go back to Sellia and communicate with him, where she will inform you about her body locked from her.

If you try to recite Sellia, you will need to find a new body. You will be rewarded with the armor of the acrobats you make for completing the quest.

white witch armor

Robe Armor Snow Witches Secret Statistics, pg.

The white witch armor is exclusive to all wizards of the Elden Ring. This armor set certainly draws our attention for its impressive shape and aesthetics. The armor is made of white cloth and has the large snow witch hat as a headdress. This armor set is relatively unreliable, but has an extra point of focus and vitality that lends itself well to magic tricks. The complete set of white witch armor contains three main items: snow witch hat, snow witch robe, and snow witch skirt.

White witch armor.

We had to put the White Witch's armor on the Elden Ring. After agreeing to become the Ranni's mercenary, you must visit the Eternal City of Nokron and search for underground ruins. After a long search, you will likely find the exact location of the Fingerslayer sword, as it is not difficult to find and is hidden in a looted chest. After getting the key, return to Ranis Rise and give the Fingerslayer sword to the witch. Once this is done, you will receive an Inverted Carian Statue, which is basically a key to the hidden location in Carian's Study Hall. This room is located near the west side of Liurnia, but also near the Raya Lucaria river. After activating the reverse version of Carian Study Hall in the Academy and finding the Death Curse Mark on the Divine Tower, return northwest to Liurnia.

After all the steps, reach the tower north of Rannis Rise and go up the ladder. Finally, the Snow Witch's armor was placed in a treasure chest. Highly prized, this ultimate mage armor set has 78 Immunity, 66 Resilience, 146 Focus & Vitality, and 4 Attitude.

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Alberich armor

Aleksandri's army statistics were created by Alberich.

Alberich has an early game armor in Elden Ring with good stats. This armor can also be used by mages and is relatively easy to obtain. This armor set is adorned with red flints and is made of offerings. The armor belongs to a crazy heretic wizard who "made a scratch" to create an unidentified weapon and would have created this set of deadly weapons using his dark magic. The Alberich armor consists of four armor pieces: a spiked helmet, a breastplate, gauntlets, and breeches.

Location of the Alberich plant.

Alberich Armor is hidden in Leyndell, in the capital city. Walking around the area is a feat. But over time, it pays to go back to the initial game. When you enter the city, head to the north side of the eastern city wall and defeat this cone towards the boss.

Once the boss is defeated, you will gain access to the East Capital Rampart where you will get Grace's main page. From here, turn towards the main streets to find a door that leads to the second and most popular church.

From there, go to the Stone Dragon and take it to find your third Place of Grace in the Retaining Wall. Now climb up the large roots of the Earth Tree and go to the huts where on the first floor is the location of Alberich Armor.

Zamor's Armor

Zamor's armor is the mark of the shattering sword.

A Zamor armor is a light play on the Elden ring that adds physical and magical powers to defenses. The armor has high resistance and strength. He has a great ability to take many hits and magical attacks. Most of the players are not familiar with the Zamor armor and miss this set as it is a bit hard to get. Zamor armor consists of four primary pieces. The Zamor mask, breastplates, bracelets and bandages on the legs.

Zomor armor location.

If you want that heavy duty armor, go up to the top of the mountains you are on. If the trail is dry, make sure you come prepared as you might face some tough opponents along the way. To get to this place, you must first kill Morgoth, since he is in the capital, as by defeating him you will get a medallion that activates the Great Elevator of Rold. Follow the main road that leads to the Forbidden Lands in the far east. From there you can go to the peaks of the mountains of the giants.

Once you arrive at the destination, head south to the northern border; the river and the frozen lake behind the river; then look to the south side. After scaling the fortress, go up and continue into the hills to find a large structure, basically the King's Tomb. Enter the building and kill the beautiful and noisy old slave who lives inside. After finishing them off, loot their Zamor armor.

The team has a very good defense with 47 Ohio, 147 Ohio, 32 Ahio, 29 Ohio, 22 Ohio.

malenia armor

Malenia's Armor defines an Elden Ring.

If you are looking for a light armor set that offers decent protection, the Malenia armor set is your best bet. The armor is unlocked gold worn by Melania the Miquela Blade. Malenia's Set is a lighter medium armor unit in Elden Ring that offers very good stats. You can wear armor without worrying about a load on your back making it difficult to hit and move. The full set of Malenian armor consists of four pieces of armor, famous for which are the winged helmet, pouch armor, gauntlets, and greaves.

Site of the Armor of Malenia.

The only way to get the armor levels is by defeating the Malanian army. Make sure to upgrade your weapons, add attributes, and create spells before fighting him.

You can find Melania in the Haligtrees area, near Elphael. After defeating this strong boss, go to Enia to get a set worth 56,000 rane. Malenia's armor set has a decent 108 immunity with 90 stamina, 36 focus and vitality, and 24 balance.

Lionel Seth

Lionel Elden Ring armor set.

Lionel's Set is a heavy weapon item from the Elden Ring. Even better armor has appeared, but the overall balance of weight, damage resistance, and stance is pretty impressive. The Lionels set is a good choice for strength builds and this is a perfect choice for combat forces and can be used in serious battles due to its high strength. The complete package consists of four trials: Lionel's helmet, breastplate, gauntlets, and greaves.

Lionels meet.

There are plenty of Lionel armors ready to get as you can find this heavy armor on the west side of the Leyndell, Royal Capital Church of Grace Lesser Capital location where it is in a small room. The armor has an impressive immunity of 150 and an incredible resistance of 235. Also, it is 100 and focuses on 79 balance.

set of magic blades

Spellblade Armor Set.

The Spellblade Armor is another self-sampling ring with strong buffs and a strong resistance to enemy attacks. The Spellblade set is adorned with intricate and aristocratic decoration that gives it its antidote effect. This powerful armor can prevent a huge magic damage denial like a Glintstone attack. The armor set consists of four original pieces, namely a peaked hat, traveling clothes, gloves, and pants. All of these parts build up Flintstone's abilities.

Spellblade Stitching-Ort?

The Spellblade armor set comes from SDR Rogier. To get the armor, you need to either kill Rogier or complete the questline from him. It is recommended that you decide to do a quest, as it is relatively easy to fight the mage, but a long run takes time.

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The Spellblade armor has 447mm of resistance, the base variant offers 865/44 lbs of support. Armor gives an amazing 141 Focus and a great 151 Vitality with 2 Balance.

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